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Ogaden Intellectuals forum Statement on the massacres in the village of Mooyaha ... 25 Dec 2008
Even though the Human Rights Watch (HRW), Medecins sans frontieres (MSF) and other international humanitarian organizations have documented numerous reports about massacre and mass killing of Ogaden civilians, yet Ethiopian army continues its brutal systematic persecution of the defenseless Ogaden civilians. According to eyewitness, on December 18th 2008 the Ethiopian army has carried out another brutal genocide, killing more than 60 innocent civilians, including children, women and elderly in the village of Mooyaha, in the Dhagahbur district. Local communities were not able to bury their dead bodies as the Ethiopian army was roaming in and around city which has created fear among civilians to claim remains of their deceased. Read more ..

Who gave SPDP the birth right to rule? By Waddani ... 05 Oct 2008
As we all know region five is yet again embracing itself at "all change at the top" for the eighth time since the creation of this regional authority somewhat 15 years ago. This in my opinion teaches us two things;
1. No mater how hard you try to implement the barbaric policies of Meles Zenawi towards Ogadenia, you are not immune from sacking and humiliation.
2. The shambolic and disgraceful state of the ruling party ( the SPDP)


TPLF Obliterating NGOs in the Ogaden –Two more NGOs’ Licences Revoked. By Saafi Labafidhin ... 10 Aug 2008
We have, on several occasions, stated how it is becoming increasingly difficult for international aid organizations to work in the Ogaden, and as a result they are opting to create partnerships with grass-roots, local Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) who have long and better experience in reaching out the intended beneficiaries. On the other hand, we noted how the TPLF led regime has been busy in implementing policies hostile to NGOs in the past years.... Read more ..

The True Story of an Ogaden Women By Saafi Labafidhin ... 07 Aug 2008
It is about 01:30 pm local time and it is an unusually windy day in a dusty and dry village in one of Ogadens remotest areas. The temperature seems unforgivingly higher and the sun appears to have moved closer to the earth. The dry season has persisted longer than expected but people never give up looking at the barren sky; day in day out they pray for clouds of hope, clouds of rain. People and animals, and all other living things are competing for survival. Most importantly they are competing for scarce water and shade. Under an old acacia tree, lies a woman in her late fifties on a worn out mattress. .. Read more ..

NGOs’ Increasing Obstacles in the Ogaden and The Silence of the International Community By Saafi ... 14 Jul 2008
TPLF regime –better known for slaying, starving, oppressing, and sabotaging its civilians – receives the largest international aid in the whole continent of Africa and therefore is dependent on foreign aid in the form of bilateral as well as multilateral agreements. A great portion of this aid is channeled by donor nations through Non-Governmental Organizations. The Distribution of NGO presence in Ethiopia’s different regions is very asymmetrical. Read more ..

Ogaden Communities Petition the EU against the ´Ethiopian´ Gulag ... 30 Mar 2008

Mr. Commissioner,
Two years ago Ethiopia embarked on a campaign to terrorise and intimidate the Ogaden people in order to force them to leave areas it earmarked for oil exploration. As the Ogaden environment is very fragile and the livelihood of the people depends on Livestock, this policy of forced dislocation without their interest in mind caused lots of hardship and forced the Ogaden people to react against this blatant aggression and unethical exploitation of their lands without the consent or interest by a government they considered a colonial occupier of their territory. As this suppression intensified, the Ogaden National Liberation Front which fights for the Emancipation of the Ogaden people took matters into their own hands and removed a Chinese exploration team and a military garrison guarding them at Obole in the Ogaden. HALKAN KA AKHRI QORAALKII BANAANBAXA IYO WAXII KASOO BAXAY

The Ogaden: a forgotten war draining a forgotten people ... 25 Mar 2008

The road from Harar runs for more than 600 miles east towards the border with Somalia, penetrating deep into the desiccated badlands of the Ogaden desert, the dusty heart of Ethiopia's war-torn Somali regional state. Sparse scrub and thorn bush, brown termite mounds, and flocks of bony sheep edge up against the burning asphalt strip. Wandering camels are a hazard to traffic; but vehicles are few. Like the occasional herdsman, standing outside transportable mudul huts, they stare in mild surprise as white UN Land Cruisers race by.

The Torture and Killing Abdiasis Mohamoud (San-Yare) ... 17 Feb 2008
Abdiasis Mohamoud (San-yare) a student and a member of my family was brutally tortured and murdered in jail in Jigjiga last week. Abdiasis, a promising and an educated young man, was never given a due process, medical attention and people who saw his body and buried him said they have never seen anything like it in their life. Read more ..

The 2nd Annual Ogaden Voice for Peace conference 2007: “Working Towards a Lasting Peace in the Ogaden” ... 06 May 2007
XOL:A conference on the political and humanitarian situation in the Ogaden.
The Ogaden Voice for Peace is a grassroots advocacy organizationdedicated to raising the level of awareness in the United States and the world community at large about the plight of Somali people in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia. OVP is an all-volunteer organization, consisting predominantly of Ogaden Somalis residing in the Diasporas.

Ogaden Voice for Peace plans to hold its second annual conference aimed at examining the political and humanitarian situation in the Ogaden on November 2007 (tentatively) in San Diego, CA. For contribution and/or participation, please contact us.
Waxii faahfaahin ah halkan ka akhri


Ethiopia & the UIC: Secret Meeting in the Emirates ... 23 Dec 2006
(A sign of Addis Ababa's divide and conquer Strategy & the UIC's Internal Dilemma?).
According to reliable sources high ranking officials representing the Ethiopian government and a UIC delegation led by Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed met on Monday, December 18, 2006, in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai.